How to Do a Juice Cleanse the Cheap (and Healthy) Way

Juicing is trendy right now; there’s no way around that. And since I’m always looking for easy ways to be healthier*, I just recently got a juicer. So, when I was looking to “reset” my diet after weeks of eating junk, I thought, “why not try a juice cleanse?”

After a bit of research into popular cleanses, I noticed one thing: they can be quite expensive. Many juice bars are offering 3-day cleanses at a premium right now, but I knew that there had to be a much more affordable, DIY way to go about this.

So, after a bit more research, I stumbled upon this article by Hannah on xoJane. She did a DIY juice cleanse – and lived to tell about it – for about $25.

Step 1: Go Shopping

Stock up on leafy greens such as kale and spinach, as well as fruits such as lemons, kiwi, beets, bananas, and cashews (for protein). The bigger variety, the better. Check out some of these recipes from What’s Gaby Cooking and Joy the Baker for more ingredient inspiration.

Step 2: Plan Your Meals

Hannah’s main recommendation is to balance the types of juices you’re consuming, so you get all the vitamins you need and the variety you crave. You’ll want to drink the juices in a schedule like this:

  1. A green juice for breakfast
  2. A fruity juice, as a mid-morning snack
  3. A green juice, in place of lunch
  4. A cayenne pepper lemonade in the midafternoon
  5. Another green juice for dinner
  6. And finally, a banana/cashew milk in place of “dessert”

Step 3: Juice and Enjoy!

I use this juicer for all of my juices, and it’s fantastic. I highly recommend it, as it’s easy to throw nearly any fruit or vegetable in it to create a delicious juice, and it’s also super easy to clean. If you don’t have a juicer, a blender should work, though it may be a thicker, more smoothie-like juice.

Each juice has their own benefit, as well:

  • The green juices, made of ingredients such as kale, spinach, kiwi, and green apples, will provide you with many of the vitamins you need, including iron (which’ll help your energy levels).
  • The fruity juices provide a (natural) sugar boost as well as other essential vitamins.
  • The lemonade, featuring cayenne pepper, is supposedly a powerful detox tool.
  • Finally, the banana/cashew milk was perfect for when you’re craving something sweet or need something to fill you up.

Now, I’m going to admit: I don’t have the most willpower when it comes to dieting. I’ve never lasted longer than a day or so on a juice cleanse – this one included. But I’ll also admit that that was partially due to other circumstances (an unbelievably busy weekend!) I plan on trying a cleanse again in the near future, and I’ll definitely use some of the recipes from Hannah’s post, based on how balanced and varied her juices were.

For more information on juice cleanses, check out this fantastic series of videos I found by fitlifetv; they’ve got even more recipes and tips:

*I am not a healthcare professional, so all I know about this topic is what I’ve read in numerous accounts. If you have questions regarding juice fasting/cleansing, see your doctor for advice.

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