Exploring the Chicago Cultural Center

Our final project in class is a group blog where we are Exploring the Chicago Cultural Center. There are several posts up now and we’ll be adding content frequently over the next two weeks. We’ll be pre-viewing and reviewing events in the space and looking at the history and structure of the place itself. Please do take a look and leave a comment or two.

You Want Links? I’ve Got Links.

In class this week, Sam presented our single Blog Talk. She presented Peanut Butter Fingers, an interesting cross between a personal blog and a healthy eating/living blog.

Our guest speaker this week was Keidra Chaney of The Learned Fangirl. She mentioned a bunch of interesting sites during her talk that I wanted to document for my own purposes, and this is as good a place to do that as anywhere:

This idea of the “note I’m keeping for myself, but I might as well share it with others”, has anyone expressed that more eloquently? Of course they have. Long-time blogger Cory Doctorow wrote in 2002: My Blog, My Outboard Brain.

Blog Talks

Every week a couple of students in our class are presenting favorite and/or interesting blogs. Perhaps they will be of interest to you as well. Here’s what we’ve seen so far this semester and I’ll post future weeks’ Blog Talks throughout the semester.


Lorenzo – http://www.favoritepoem.org/
Maggie – http://www.danamadeit.com/


Rachel – http://abeautifulmess.com/


Deanna – http://chicityfashion.com
Bridget – http://www.intothefashion.com


Ashley – http://ourcitylights.org
Amelia – http://blackgirllonghair.comhttp://naptural85.com
Gianna – http://refinery29.com – http://lovelaurenelizabeth.com
Anna-Laura – http://abduzeedo.com


Megan – http://mollyjacquesillustration.com