Spring 16 Students

Summer Diab


Becoming a meteorologist is what I dream to be when I graduate from college. I know I will become one because that’s what I want to be; but I also know whatever I put my mind to will be done no matter how hard I have to work to get where I want to be. This is who I am, Summer Diab.

Leah Zeiger


Leah Zeiger has been a dancer all her life. When Leah was hit with an abusive relationship, she realized that dance needed to be more than just a performing art. Leah now uses dance to educate the public and heal survivors of abuse through the use of performance, teaching, and documentary.

Eve Studnicka


Eve Studnicka’s work focuses primarily on the creation and exhibition of media arts in the Midwest, with an emphasis on feminist and minority programming.

She currently serves as the festival director for the Driftless Film Festival in Mineral Point, WI and has also worked in administration for the Chicago International Movies and Music Festival, the Midwest Independent Film Festival, and the Women’s Film Festival. When she isn’t lovingly organizing spreadsheets, she enjoys drinking cheap beer and snuggling with her two hairless rats.

Jenay Wright


Jenay is an outgoing New York native who has been on a stimulating journey here in the Windy City. She is a proud Afro-Latina, being that she is of African-American and Panamanian descent. She empowers Afro-Latinas through her blog #IAMENOUGH and she hopes to one day use her writing to change the world.

Zareen Syed


I started off wanting nothing more than to write for Glamour Magazine when I grow up (and I probably always will), but lately I’ve had some magical experiences interning at Comcast Sportsnet Chicago and currently at WGN as a Morning News Intern. I also blog for Layali Webzine, a Muslim women’s lifestyle magazine. In other news, I love pandas and tea and obsess over first edition copies of classic novels.

McKayla Braid


McKayla Braid is a journalist passionate about telling stories. She also spends her time photographing abandoned spaces, laughing at her own jokes and putting this off until the very last minute.

Jessica Siletzky


Jessica has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance and a Master’s Degree in Music Education.  She was a flutist in the U.S. Marine Corps and currently works as an earlychildhood music educator. Combining her love of music and her interest in photography and film, Jessica started her own business in 2015 making legacy films.

Andriana Bozovic


Andriana Bozovic is an artist (of differing forms) from Chicago. She loves photography but writing has always been a passion, whether it is through slam poetry or writing news stories. She hopes to stick around the Chicago area and work in some sort of communications/social media career.

Elanor “Elly”  Tier


Elly Tier has worked almost every role in a production, from serving as a PA to being a director.  Elly currently attends Columbia College Chicago and is finishing up her BA in Cinema Arts & Sciences.

Elly has freelanced with many local Chicago organizations including Creative Mornings Chicago, The Chicago Reader, Experimental Sound Studio, and has even served as the Media Coordinator of TEDxColumbiaCollegeChicago. Elly has a special interest in creative content for the web, alternative news platforms, and believes that telling real life stories of everyday people is what keeps the world spinning.

Yi Liu


Yi Liu is an exchange student form Shanghai. She loves food of all kinds and will spend  more money on food probably more than others.  She loves documentaries especially about food and animals. Food is a small reflection of the attitude to life. She enjoys taking pictures with different people it is always the start of a story.

Tina Roberts


Tina Roberts is an empathetic person living her life for human connection. Upon high school graduation she decided to leave her quaint farm town for the windy city of Chicago to pursue her dreams in nonfiction film making.

Though she felt human connection through the film making art form, she soon discovered a new way to connect, a more powerful way in her eyes. Tina is soon to begin her Masters Degree in Student Affairs. With this she hopes to help student leaders grow as individuals and guide them through their college journey.

Elizabeth “Izzy” Regan


My name is Izzy Regan and I am a sophomore at Columbia College Chicago. I grew up in Kansas, where I had almost nothing to do besides work on the farm or watch television. Almost always I chose television, which is why today, I am studying T.V. producing and writing. I love non-fiction narratives because I enjoy the creative process of assembling a true and meaningful project with the result almost seeming like a piece of fiction.

   Jinyan ” Jane” Wang


Jane is a typical Pisces, extremely compassionate and sensitive which shes is always told by her friends. She trusts her intuition and  can always understand people’s feeling while inspiring others. She loves to use this ability to do anything that tugs the heart strings and enjoys arts and music.

 Tingyi Li


Tingyi is a quiet but optimistic person who always spreads positive vibes around. It’s hard for her to get disheartened by disappointments and setbacks.A dream heaven has always occupied a part inside of her heart which protects her childlike innocence. She enjoys and loves traveling,visiting new places, tasting the tradition and experiencing life.

Darren Bui


Darren, a 2nd generation Vietnamese-American, filmmaker, and momma’s boy. Although he has dipped his hands in just about every aspect of film, he’s presently focused on documentary. His favorite documentary subjects are his family.

Ben Rifken


Ben Rifken is a graduating senior with a major in Television/internet & mobile media. Aside from video production he also works in animation and graphic design. Ben works in the tech startup industry and owns a small production company on the side. He’s constantly looking for new projects and opportunities for collaboration from students , staff and all of the above.

Dani Cortes


Daniela’s passion for social justice is what brought her to Columbia College. Her freshman year of college she made a documentary about the life of a Dreamer in hopes of spreading awareness about immigration justice. She aspires to create social change through the documentaries that she makes.

Alice Whatley


Alice an Alabama native passionate about capturing human moments through writing, performing, and more recently, filming. Alice enjoys hearing people’s stories, including working with kids to help them form their personal stories. Alice is particularly interested in gender identity, from the extreme, to all the in-between.

Cameron Moore

Figure out name

Greetings, my name is Cameron Moore. I am a senior at Columbia College Chicago with a major in Television. I am hoping to be in the field of live production some day. Right now I am working my hardest to make that dream come true, by doing the most live production work as I can. I am also quite skilled in shooting for documentary and promotional purposes. I currently am shooting with a Panasonic AG-DVX200 and the Canon 70D. I also have a large amount of video equipment to fit just about any kind of production. 


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