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Hey guys! I’m Lauren and I am a junior here at Columbia, studying television writing and producing. I found a passion for television when I realized how influential certain shows with strong, independent women, such as New Girl and The Mindy Project, were to me and my life. Although I love watching and writing sitcoms, I have recently found an interest in documentary work and am super excited for our Doc Your World event at the end of the semester. Our theme is “In/Divisible” and to me this means that although we all pledge to the American flag to be indivisible, our world is completely divided. We need to stand together and fight for peace and equality for everyone in this world!

Hey y’all I’m Tyler from Texas! I’m a senior at Columbia where I’m studying documentary filmmaking. As for DocYourWorld, I’m the team leader for Panels and Workshops, I’m also a member of the screenings team, blogging team and talent team! I’m also producing a piece for DocYourWorld about Rural American Voters. I’m super excited to be apart of DocYourWorld this year because I think we’re living in such a great time for documentary work. Fun fact about myself: I consider myself to be a Multipotentialite (someone with many passions and creative pursuits). My interests vary from film making, to social entrepreneurship, to building tiny houses, and to being a restaurateur!

Hey friends! I’m Annie, and I’m a sophomore at Columbia. My major is television writing/producing. TV is my true love and I am always watching Netflix. For Doc Your World, I am working with the social media team, PR, and working on the website! I am producing a documentary for the event about public education and how the shift in the political agenda will affect the system! I am also an editor for a doc called Pura Vida, which is about two people who left the country for Costa Rica in protest of the new president. With the recent divide in our country, I am very excited to see the outcome of local creators and their work around our theme, “In/Divisible”.


I am Xin zhou and is an exchange student from China. This is my first year in America and very lucky to see the whole process of the American President Election. I feel so happy to work with the team and be proud of the documentary Pura Vida. I am very interested in people’s different attitude towards Drumpf and I believe there are many foreigners who also focus on this. So the documentary Pura Vida is a good chance to show people a new angle and will display more true situation. I hope that in the future, Pura Vida can convey more and more truth to the public and give people a totally amazing story.

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Hello everyone! My name is Halonah and I am a freshman at Columbia. I’m getting my BA in Documentary Filmmaking, which is a brand new major here at Columbia. For our festival, DocYourWorld, I’m on the screening team and have been going through and viewing all of your fantastic submissions! As for myself, I hail from Colorado, I am an avid chai drinker and enjoy romantic walks to the fridge. This is my first year in Chicago and I absolutely love it.


Hey I’m Jada and I’m a Journalism student at Columbia College Chicago. I joined the Doc your world class because I was intrigued by the interdisciplinary aspect of it. The mix of television, film and journalism students seemed like the perfect mesh to make a socially-conscious film fest and I believe we’re on our way to achieving just that. This year’s theme In/Divisible is something that everyone can connect to due to how currently divided we are as a country. I look forward to working on the education doc that me and my friend, Annie, will be finishing for the festival. The education system has always been a hot button topic and recent developments regarding it has made it even more of a controversy. I hope to meet you in person on May 9th-10th, see ya soon!



Hi, everybody! My name is Taylor and I’m a junior at Columbia College Chicago. I’m a Cinema Art and Science student and I love to work on short films, documentaries, and visual art. I am a panels and workshops coordinator for DocYourWorld 2017. In light of our current political and social state, I am really excited to organize content that discusses how to exercise one’s political and artistic voice. See you all on May 9th & 10th!


Allison Koss is a senior at Columbia College Chicago pursuing a degree in Television Writing and Producing. She currently works as a producer at student run television station, Frequency TV, and has helped produce several independent student projects such as comedy web series, Liberal Arts, as well as directed her own short documentary film in Bonn, Germany. She very excited to intern at Kindling Group and looks forward to working with people who are extremely passionate and talented at what they do!


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